Voila for Mac | PC Software Review

The editor has given it the rating of good with $ 14.99 cost. It offers you many facilities that can work wonders for you.



The first thing that attracts you to the software is the right price. Photos and videos can be captured easily. There are options of windows, file and menus too. The effects you want to give are also available in it. It can be shared with any third party as the program is always good.


The facility for video editing is very limited as it gives access to some limited fields only. Sometimes the selection tool is also not supporting you in the line of accuracy. It sometimes stays behind you in working and that may cause irritation to you. The main function of catching the right frames is not met by the software. Yet the cost does not seem to bother you if the functionality of the software would have been good. Anyhow the functions and availability is good and that makes ground for the software. To get the maximum of the software you have to keep yourself aware of the latest developments in it. The best is the easy access to the software.


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