3 best softwares to lock folders in your PC

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The safety of files and folders is necessary for all the users of Windows. If you are searching for the best software that can help you locking your special data files it is for you to spend some time reading this article. We have given time to the matter related to the safety of data files. There is option to hide the files and folders but anyone can make it open anytime and your data can be seen by him. It is advised to use some software that allows to lock the folders but it should be easily accessed by you may be by using some password.

Folder Lock Free

Using this locker one can protect his files and folders and even USB, CD, DVD, emails and portable hard disk. One can also save web accounts with any websites. It can be used free for thirty days. And you buy it you pay $ 40. It is supported by Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8. It is used by encryptions. Your password will be the key will give you access to data saved by you so no one else can see or access that data.

Easy File Locker

Easy File Locker is protective software that is very small in size so it does not occupy large space on your computer. It will give great protection in keeping files and folders away from the reach any other person. No user can see, change, delete or copy your files. The access will come to you by password. Its size is only 350 KB and in work it is really great. As far as the price is concerned it is totally free. It is very simple and one work with it in no time.
First you make a folder and then you drag and drop the files and folders in it. Then you create the password. The files are safely lying in the folder and no one can even see these files.

Protected Folder

As the name is simple the creating folders in hidden way is very simple with this software. It is supported by Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8. The concept is to keep your files intact and only you can access the files as you have encrypted password. The folder is first created in the software and then the files are pasted in it. After making password you can keep the files under lock and key and only you can reach those files.

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