Three Best Apps for MAC

Three Best Apps for MAC

In the long list for apps of MAC there is much different software like Soundflower, Audacity and Spotify that can give new shine to Mac. Mac is different than Windows but who use Mac, are well satisfied with it. The apps add a new charm to your computer and you get the freedom and power to do many things. There are e-mail clients, system utilities, time savers and productivity boons that can do wonders for you. The popularity of MAC is limited but it does not mean that the operating system is backward. When we name the best operating system Mac has its own standing in the market. It is right that Windows and Linux are more popular but those who are working on MAC have all praise for it. Just as some apps work with Windows there are many apps that are specially designed to work with MAC system.


Spotify is one such app that provide you power to listen to the files of your choice and love. The app is freeware. It has changed the whole game by giving unlimited freedom to enjoy the music. The streaming music is brought to desktops and mobiles. There is very good navigation and audio combined. The company is making efforts to update the app within a short time


Audacity is freeware that can help you in audio editing and unlimited effects can be given to your favorite files. There are many tasks possible in editing and changing the sound quality to the desired level. It also has the capacity to work on cross platform. The flexibility you get is great and hence many users are making use of these apps on MAC.


The main source of the app is taken from Core Audio. It is a complete kernel extension that can make you pass audio between the applications. You can make it work like a virtual audio device that is very much useful and good. It can be successfully with Audacity to give the best results in recording. The easy thing is to search the software that can work with the system of MAC. Yet we have taken only three apps for the MAC system but there are many more to work in the environment of MAC. Thus one can listen to music or make DVD’s that are very in quality.

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