3 Best Anti-Virus to protect your PC today

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These days the attacks of virus are increasing with so many people using internet. The virus is such program that can block your files and cause botheration for you. Hence it always better to stay protected with some good antivirus program. There are many such programs available for you. But you have to consider the price and the multiplicity of functions of an antivirus. Carefully see the fields the antivirus will cover and the security it provides to you.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015

It has many features like auto scan of the computer every time you switch it on. Any external drive you attach will go for scan and the virus will be removed itself. Your online visits will also be safe as there is also option for scanning the virus on internet. Next time you try to make any download it will warn you if any virus is there.


K7 has also made its place by having many good qualities in it. The cost of the software is also very reasonable and the best thing is that it provides best online security. The software is updated on net itself. Any drive you attach first is scanned by the program. The installation is also very simple. The working of the K7 is reported very satisfactory. At times you can scan the computer to ensure the presence of any malware. When you attach any external drive it will not let you open that drive as the function is locked so you have to unlock the software and then it will show the attached drive.


The free software from Windows is not able to protect you from many viruses. Thus it is advised to have some good antivirus for your computer. Avira has also been checked by us for its working and antivirus work. The price of this Avira is also very reasonable and the functions are also many as it can cover many types of viruses. There are different settings in the program and you can select the settings to suit your needs of the security environment.
The company also provides online updates when any new addition is made in the software. For many years people have protected their PC’s with Avira. But the individual needs are decided on your working. Remember to read a lot on internet about the pros and cons of any such antivirus, only then you will make the right decision.

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