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system tuning software

The system tuning software is to make your PC completely set with all files in place and all data well defragged. The simplicity of the software is very important as you can save your time. We have much software that can work for us in market but we have to decide about our choice keeping the working and cost in mind. There are many factors like turning off visual effects that increase the speed of computers.


TuneUp is one of simple software where you feel no fear of being lost in the jungle of options. It cleans registry and defrags the computer so that all the functions take little time like the start and shut down. With native settings we have seen that the timing improved is not very big. Still it is very simple in use. The software has improved the performance in many cases. Here I would like to point out that other things are to be taken into account for the greater performance of your computer.

Ashampoo Win Optimizer

Ashampoo Win Optimizer is very attractive looking software that can help your PC runs faster and all the system files are easily defragged. The interface of software gives the details of your system’s hardware. The parameters regarding CPU and RAM are also displayed for your knowledge. There is optional setting like live tuner and hibernation. The tuning assistant fires you with many questions when you go for any choice. The complexity takes more time to become friendly with the software. This software makes the work like filling an application form.

Fix-It Utilities 12

Fix it has the simple most interface of all the software in this test. Boot it up and you see battery like columns representing optimization, security and maintenance. With a click on Analyse now button the software sets everything right with another click. It has standard features like registry, optimizer and start up program killer. Getting into options there are many bothering features that seem to confuse. The software has proved not to be very good.

Lolo System Mechanic 10.7

This software is made with a great care and in USA largest number of people is using this program. It gave us very good response when we made a test. The great speed and accuracy are very good. The windows take minimum time after its operation. The startup time of Windows 7 also improved a little. During test it discovered 250 corrections after locating the problems. The problems can be set right one by one or all at the same time. There are tools that provide tweaks like acceleration and revitalization to the registry. System mechanic has been found to be good value in our tests. The desktop widget appears on the screen but luckily it can be switched off quickly and easily. The overall report is good for it.

ToolWiz Care

ToolWiz Care is totally free software that is excellent in working. The main tab is called Checkup and offers one click function. There is no version available to make upgrades. The interesting sounds of whistles and bells cannot be exactly known as there is no detail found for that. The tray icon provides many options from a right click menu. The only problem with the software is that a new user can be left way between as one cannot know the details of functions. It is always better to use the software that saves your time while working with it and second thing the help should be available with it.

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