Pinnacle Studio | PC Software Review

Pinnacle Studio PC Software Review


This video editor has changed hands last 10 years like you never did in your previous life.
Pinnacle Studio operates on 64 bits with good titling and also has the 4 G support. The contents you want to search are all searchable. Solid audio tools are also found here. The other facility is of sharing data on line. The Corel Prosumer Editor is also there to help you.The Pinnacle Studio has changed hands in last year’s and the new edition brings 64 bit operation and royalty free music.

Cons :

There are interface irritations sometimes and some competition too. The performance on 4G is also having problems. There is no facility for video editing or multicam. Hence the weak points having been discussed the main thing is in the favour of the product of the company. The facility of live screen capturing also keeps the program on fire. The development of the software is still underway and it will take some time to reach the right point in future. The 4 K support is also not doing the same thing as it should have done. Wait is the only answer.,2817,2382573,00.asp

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