Norman Antivirus 11 | PC Software Review

Norman Antivirus 11 PC Software Review

The antivirus comes as the best in malware blocking. The cost is just at $46.95. The softwarehas proved its worth in functioning in a hard test by the people at the lab testing. All the people who have been asked to test the advantages have admitted that the cost is right as far as the check functions are concerned.


The people making the use of it have explained their satisfaction over the quality and working of the software. The software functions well in almost all circumstances. The computer laboratory results are also good in this respect as all speak in favor of the Norman Antivirus.


The first weak point is that the software does not work against fraudulent software and at the same time it is silent in respect of URLs. You have to go for the advanced products for your extreme safety in the terms of security. The software is unable to keep away the users from the malicious designs of some web sites. Personal use has proved that the spending the price of the software is nowhere good. The testing labs have also escaped the yes to this software. It may be good but not for its price.,2817,2474883,00.asp

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