Microsoft HealthVault | PC Software Review

It is needed for the awareness of health for all in the age of complex health world. You can download and store much information on health through the website or the app for your mobile. Windows phone or iOs phones can have the working for this app. There are glucose monitors and blood pressure cuffs that can give you the feel of being aware.


All the information you get can be consolidated to see the overall results regarding health. The smart Wi-fi scales can be contacted. The doctors are also very much interested in its use to send the data to the patients safely by emails. The data is imported in seconds from different medical gadgets to compare the health related figures. The dash board is also very easy to use and have interactions. The major thing is its free of cost availability.


The limitation is that at the same time one can have two sets of data for comparison. It may be felt that sometimes one may need to go for the vast range of comparisons. Sometimes the interface gets crunchy to waste some time. A good product the company has offered for free to all.

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