G Data Antivirus 2015 | PC Software Review

This antivirus has got good scoring at use in the laboratory. The behavior of the software is good when some malicious thing is detected. We gave the software to many labs and they have responded positively to the job done by it.



The performance of it has been above average and that gives the software and edge. One can anytime create the bootable disk with the help of the software cum antivirus. There is also facility for auto start function. The computer security is gaining more importance due to the attack of malicious virus that can damage your programs and files. The testing has proved the worthiness of it many laboratories all over the world.


Up to now few labs have started using it as it is the matter of concern as far the functionality is concerned. If the antivirus is not able to protect you against the attacks of the virus its main function is failing. The company has good reputation but if the program or the antivirus is not efficient in handling the virus it is of no good. The price is affordable but the quality is still lacking.


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