5 most searched video converter tools

5 most searched video converter tools

If you are looking for some software that can help you converting video files in the format of your choice you will find the article useful for you. It will help you converting all videos you have in one format and then you will be easily watching the files on your PC. Every software allows you some types of files to play so you are limited to enjoy particular files in video. The freedom comes to you when you have the option to convert the files to your preferred format.

Mpeg Streamclip

Mpeg Streamclip is one choice that has all the qualities in one like- video player, editor and conversion tool. It is very good at transcoding. You can easily organize your files in video format. You don’t have to pay any money for it as it is freeware. It will make the work of conversion very simple. You have to select the files and place these in the window and after that you make selection of format in which you want to convert and in minutes the files you get in the format you want.

Format Factory

The software is free with many rich features. You can convert a long list formats to the formats of your choice. There is one more facility to repair files that you find damaged. You can rip DVD’s and your data from mobiles cab be converted to the format that you want to keep. This one comes as one that be used with ease by even the new users. It is really wonderful as the video files can be converted to GIF also. It is very quick as many files can be converted in no time.


Handbrake works wonderfully at converting videos to any format from the list. There are many rich features that can take days for you to understand. But at least the simple conversion can be made at the very beginning. It gives freedom to make conversion of videos from maximum formats. It is cross platform having open source facility.
It does not say no to any format.

Freemake Video Converter

It has many rich features that give you freedom to alter the files of video formats to the format of your liking. Thus you have the access to your files easily. It has vast support of 200 video codecs so you can select files in any format and it will give the format of your choice. The working is also very easy and takes very little time. Its size on disk is also very little so you can install it quickly and without its occupying any major space. Your iOS or Android formats can also be changed by it. The presets can be adjusted to make it customized for you. All this keeps it very simple and flexible.


VLC can also work very well for you. It is also free but you have to choose the right edition that can be upgraded time to time. It has many formats support and so you have the freedom to work on any format. The quickness of the software is very good. You also save data space as the files converted occupy lesser space. There are many uses that you can see the videos of many formats as it has very good audio and video quality. Most of the files can be played on it.

The best thing for you is make an idea that what format will be suitable for you and also it should be small in size so you don’t create rush of data on your hard disk. Try this software for free and you can stay with it.

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