Evernote (Web) | PC Software Review

It comes to the way of taking and making notes it is always a pleasure with Evernote. It has been accepted by many as an indispensable tool in the world of making notes. It is very flexible to be moulded for your requirements. It can work for any platform and thus it is becoming necessary for all of us.


The major plus point is the effortless way it works with and its simplicity of functions. The interface is very simple and beneficial. The features are spectacular in appearance. The flexibility over use is also very much. One can have the record of meetings with its help and all that is so easy at the fingertips. The software is updated at times and that keeps you ahead in many ways.Even if you don’t have a dedicated device it keeps you are of the latest updates on the website by keeping you informed.


The logout button is so much buried that one has to make practice to know its location. There are many features that are almost hidden and you have to devote time for its discovery. There are many variations in different versions of the software. The web version sometimes takes time to function.

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