Camera 360 ( for Windows Phone) | PC Software Review

Windows phone are known for their on board cameras and so there is wise selection of photo apps to make the right choice. The Brilliant Vision One Shot is also tested by me. The free Camera 360 has won 4.5 scores from the reviews. The name in 360 is well deserved for it for its wide coverage. The effects and the editing qualities are good to provide you control over your shooting photos.


The interface is very fast and interactive with many features. The photos can be given the historic effects. The existing photos can be given filters as you want and it makes you great to make such changes that bring life to your camera work. The organization by date also makes for you to keep the track record of your work. The easy manual controls are helping you feel the freedom to shoot and design. There are some weaknesses but it is always there in all things.



No major changes can be made in existing photographs. The facility of tilt and shift is also not found and for that reason you can feel limited. Otherwise it is good for any user.


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