Avira Antivirus 2015 | PC Software Review

The software has got fair ranking from our editor. He says that the results are yet to be verified by the experts. The company has a long standing in market now. The software is free and it raises the eye brows as some people believe that free things are never good. Now who is right or wrong we can’t say. The many attacks of virus are kept at bay by the system of Windows and still we need the anti virus to protect our PCs.


The tests held many laboratories hold good in favor of the software. While going for malicious software attacks it can protect you in case of using web surfing etc. The addresses can be marked by the software as malicious and you can know that.


The tests have proved the average value in usage of the software. Many people who have made use of it are not much satisfied with it. Internet Browser is not supported by it in many functions. Being free is not the only qualification for the quality test. If any virus leaks into the security zone the main function of the antivirus is defeated totally.

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